Sunday, 31 October 2010

Party Time

Finley still has no idea what a birthday actually is.  When we wished her a happy birthday she was clueless.  But she certainly enjoyed all of the attention and the fact that Grandma Gail, Grandma Toot + Aunty Kristy were there to spoil her!
Finley + I went to CRAVE cupcake in Willow Park so she could pick out some mini cupcakes for her actual birthday dessert.  She was so excited to be there.  We had the Princess Cupcake in chocolate! 
For supper we had Spaghetti with meat sauce.  Spaghetti is one of her favorite meals.  She refuses to wear bibs anymore so we have to get her naked for these very messy meals.  Although she did slop less then Grandma Toot…..hahahaha
She was a little unsure of the sparkly candles at first….
But eventually she warmed up to them and it looks like she enjoyed them…
She looks so big in this photo – it makes me a little sad inside….
She was so excited for her cupcake.  Daddy kept teasing her before she actually was able to grab it out of her hand!
This year’s Crave cupcake experience was FAR LESS messier then last year, that is for sure!
I had wrapped this present a few days before her birthday and set them on the coffee table.  Greg had said that I should hide them because Finley would rip them open.  But she didn’t even acknowledge them and had to really convince and help her to even open the one above.
But as soon as she saw what it was, she was super excited!
Daddy showing Finley how to use her new hockey stick
Finley had a blast playing hockey and thankfully the puck never went near Penelope!
All in all, Finley had a great birthday spent with some of her favorite people.  We even went to Red Lobster for lunch where she got some garlic shrimp, cucumbers + cheese biscuits!  The servers surprised her with ice cream and some singing!  She loved all of the attention and especially the ice cream!!
Happy 2nd Birthday Finley!

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