Thursday, 18 December 2014

Finley's Christmas Concert

Finley had her first Christmas Concert at her new school this month.  She was very excited to perform for us and to wear her new dress.  This dress is adorable and we scored it last Christmas at Target for $5!!
Doesn’t her smile say it all???
We got a note in the agenda that kids had to be in the classroom by 6:10 so we assumed that’s when we had to be there and we were there at 6:06 and we still had to sit in the back row.  A friend got there at 545 and got front row.  Good to know for next year.
All photos were on my iPhone so the quality is not great.  We forgot to bring the good camera.  Another thing to remember for next year.
All 3 kindergarten classes performed together.  They sang a song as angels and then did a dance.
I shared 2 videos of each performance on Instagram/Facebook so they are there if you want to look.  It was really well done.  The whole concert was really well done.

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