Sunday, 28 July 2013

Finley's First Hair Cut

On Friday morning I was getting my hair done by Heather at KOI Esthetics in Saskatoon.  If you live there and need a hair dresser, check her out!  She is amazing!!!  Finley was in need of her first trim and there was nobody I trusted more to do this then Heather. 
She was really freaked out at first because she wants hair like Rapunzel not Dora.  Thankfully her fears were eased and she was looking forward to her first cut.
She cut about an inch off and you could barely see it when it hit the floor.  It is amazing how much an inch makes – her hair seems to be easy to brush and less knotty. Hopefully it stays this way or we will have to cut more off.
Finley got a braid and Penelope wanted one too.
Finley with her braid.  this will probably the only one she has until her next hair cut with Heather.  I cannot do these!
Penelope’s braid.  It lasted a few hours which is impressive for her.

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