Thursday, 20 November 2014

Finley's Frozen Birthday Party

Finley turned 6 this year and wanted a Frozen party to nobody’s surprise of course! However, we had to postpone her party for 2 weeks so that we could travel back to SK and celebrate her Great Gramps’ life on what was to be her party today.  Not once did she complain about having to move her party or anything.  Such a big hearted little girl we have.
Finley does have a Elsa princess gown but it ripped and the fabric where it ripped was too delicate for Greg to do himself so I went to Target and randomly found this dress for her to wear for her special day!
This was her birthday cake and she LOVED it.  My friend Lynette from Short and Sweet Cakes made it.  It was perfect for the occasion!
The first order of agenda after they raided the candy buffet was to do a craft.  It was popsicle sticks that I hot glued together in a shape of a snowflake and they got to put sticker gems on it.  It worked out pretty good as we waited for the real entertainment to arrive.
Everybody was SO excited to have Anna + Elsa arrive at our party.  They were fantastic!  They told the story of Frozen which all of the guests knew…
And then it was time for questions.  Some of the questions were cute and they answered each one no matter how silly or unrelated they may have been. 
Then they played Dance Freeze Tag where they remained frozen until Elsa tapped them on the head and asked them a question.
Then Elsa taught them how to blow a kiss.  This was pretty cute to watch.
This was the best photo we could get of the bunch.  And I have lots of photos that didn’t turn out.  It was fun to go through them all.
The birthday girl with her princesses
Sisterly bond
Originally we had face painting planned but the girl who does the faceprinting was booked on the 16th so we go sparkle tattoos instead.  This worked out better I think!
And then time to say goodbye.  I love this photo so much.
Pin the nose on Olaf.  This was handmade by a lady in Chaparral who belongs to my mom’s group.  It turned out great.  See that nose on the fireplace and not on Olaf?  That was Finley’s and she went NUTS.  Actually that was an understatement.  I thought she might be the first kid who was in her room when their cake was being cut and ate.  But eventually she calmed down and blamed it all on me.  What a kid.  The other kids enjoyed this game even if the birthday girl did not!
Blowing out the candles
She loved her cake!
She was spoiled so much by her friends.  We are grateful for all that came and made this day so special for Finley.
Then I saw this great idea on Pinterest where you use toilet paper to dress up the kids as Olaf kinda like you did at bridal showers.  It backfired and turned into an absolute disaster.  At least the girls had fun!!!
I will be posting a DIY blog on all the Frozen stuff I had for Finley’s party because if there is one thing I am not, it is crafty.  I have managed to make a few friends who are crafty to take care of some of the stuff for me :) I used Princesses by Mimi for Elsa and Anna and they were so awesome and very accommodating when we needed to postpone her party.  I highly recommend them should you ever want a princess party for your little princess.

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