Thursday, 12 January 2012

Finley's Speech Therapy

So yesterday afternoon we headed down to Finley’s soon to be new preschool.  It was a 32 minute drive from our house and is 110 blocks from our house – approximately.  So starting on Monday I will spend 2 hours each day commuting.  I think all the  money I am saving in preschool, I will be spending in gas.
We were immediately greeted by some great staff and a very brightly coloured, inviting area.  The walls were full of colour, life and so vibrant. 
In the afternoon they have 2 classes running.  One is for 2-3 year olds and the other is for 4-5 year olds.  They put Finley in the 2-3 year old class first and she went in and participated in circle time.  The whole time I was thinking that this is not what she needs and I am going to find her a private school and speech therapist.  The kids were far more in need of help then she was.  And more help than just with speech development.  So I left her in there and Penelope and I went to fill out a gazillion (no exaggeration) forms.  Most of them ended up blank because all she has is a speech delay and no other medical or physical ailments. 
When we finished filling out the forms, one of the teachers came and found me and told me that they wanted to test Finley with the older kids which made me much happier.  There is another 3 year old in the class who happens to be a girl so that is good.  And she (or her parents) seemed to have great fashion sense too!  They have an observation room where you can watch your child without them knowing.  They also have a headset that you can put on and listen in.  It was really good.  She really enjoyed herself while we were there and was sad when it was time to leave.
The school has a full time speech therapist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist, several aides and teachers.  The staff is fantastic and I really enjoyed meeting them.  The principal was super friendly too and all of them are involved in the learning and development of the kids.  Since Finley doesn’t need to see a physiotherapist she gets gym time.  And I have no idea if the occupational therapist will help Finley or not but if not, then she just has one on one time with one of the teachers. Some kids have aides with them all of the time but Finley isn’t one of them. 
They have field trips once a month and this months is at the Southland Leisure Center on a Friday that Greg has off so that will make Greg very happy!  And she has show and tell on Jan 25th.
The school operates 5 days a week.  Some kids get 3 days at school and 2 days at home while others get 5 days at the school.  Finley will be coming to the school 5 days a week, every afternoon from 1-350pm.  On MWF, she will be with her regular class and on Tues and Thurs, it is just her and the other 3 year old girl and one other 4 year old girl that will be there so it will be really good for her.  Because she only has speech delays, she doesn’t qualify for the home visits which is good because that isn’t something I was interested in.
I asked about registering her for regular preschools in the fall because they don’t do their testing until May/June for the following year.  She told me that I don’t need to worry about it because they usually fund kids for all three years and only once does she know where the child advanced so much in a year that he didn’t need to stay.  I think I still may be register at Apple Tree anyways because I am just too paranoid.  I have to have some kind of back up plan.  I am also going to see if I can get on the wait list for a specialized pre school that is right beside Greg’s office – which would be fantastic!
We went shopping this morning and she picked out a new backpack (princess of course) and a new shirt (Minnie Mouse) so she is already for school on Monday and is very excited about it.  Hopefully we see some improvement sooner than later.
I think that’s all the info I have.  If I remember anything else I will let you know but before I go I have to thank each and every one of my blog readers, friends, and family.  It was tough last week hearing how severe Finley’s delay was and I was able to get through it because of you.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You provided me with encouragement, kind words and love.  Thanks again!

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