Saturday, 7 September 2013

First Day of School

It was a busy week for us as we returned from a 3 week vacation and then promptly started school and we had to plan Penelope’s kids birthday party for Saturday.  I have barely had time to breathe!  I am hoping things slow down so I can start posting and blogging about our Adventure!
Finley and Penelope both had orientation on Tuesday.  Both were eagerly excited to start school.
Penelope got a pair of real TOMS while we were on vacation.  We told her they were for school and she has been dying since the moment she tried them on to wear them. She did not care that they completely clashed with her dress!!
Finley starts preschool at 12:45 M-F and Penelope goes at 1:30.  Finley finishes at 3:15 and Penelope at 3:30.
Finley had a great orientation but Penelope not so much.  For the first half of Penelope’s I was in there with her and then for the last half hour we left and went outside so they could do some adjusting.  She was fine when I left but she peed her pants and so her orientation ended abruptly.  She didn’t really know the teacher or the assistant or even where the bathrooms were.  It was not even brought up to the students now that I think about it. Regardless though she was happy to finally be at school.
Finley made a new best friend at orientation.  M came up to Finley in class and asked her if she wanted to be her friend and the rest is history.  Everyday since then they hug as soon as they see each other.  Sometimes multiple hugs.  It’s pretty cute.  I am not sure how many kids are in her Junior Kindergarten class but it is less then her 4 year old preschool program here last year and less then her PaceKids class.  She seems to be adapting well to the program and we are looking at hiring a private speech pathologist to work with her.  Finley’s speech Pathoglist at Pacekids is taking private clients at night and on weekends so we are hoping it works out!
Penelope standing in front of her new school!  She is wearing a dress we got from Disneyland.  I was happy she picked these pink shoes but I am not going to lie, she was perhaps a little persuaded to do so ;)
So as I said earlier, Finley starts at 12:45 and Penelope at 1:30. This leaves us 45 minutes in between drop off.  On Tuesday, we went to the library and to Walmart to do a return and then made it back to school.  On Thursday, we went to Target to get some stuff for her birthday party on Saturday.  We also got her some new clips as her headband was too big for head.  She loved her new sparkly pink bow from Target!  Most days we will just head home since it’s only a 3 minute drive (which is awesome after 2 years at Pacekids)
Waiting to be called into the class room.  We had been working on her raising her hand and telling the teacher she had to go pee.  Eventually we will get her to say I need to go to the washroom but as long as there are no accidents then I don’t really care how she words it.
Finding her nametag.  Her teacher told me she was so excited when she a Penelope on her class list and was even more so when we told her that is what she goes by and that its not shortened to Penny.  
Wearing her name tag so that the teacher’s learn all of their names. There are only 8 or 9 kids in her class, so I think it should be pretty easy. 
Going into the classroom all by herself for the very first time.  She didn’t even look back which I am grateful for.  She had a great afternoon, asked to go pee and make her very first school craft. And me? Well I definitely enjoyed the 2 hours to myself :)
Finley finishes at 3:15 so I get her and we walk down the hall to Penelope’s class and wait for 15 minutes.  We discuss what she did in school and then I pull out my ipad and we work on phonics, articulation, math, letters, numbers or writing.  She gets to pick. So far so good!! 

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