Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Frank's Slide

I have wanted to go to Frank’s Slide for a very long time.  We always pass it on the way to Seattle and we always say we really need to go and see it but never seem to.  Since we were down South going to Waterton we decided to go on our way back to Calgary and I am so happy we did.
the memorial in the parking lot.
The deadliest rock slide in Canada.  Over 90 people were killed.  You can see the missing rock.
and here it lies.  The rock goes on + on + on + on.  It is ridiculous.
We ended up going to watch a documentary on the events of that night.  I didn’t want to but I am glad Greg made me.  It personalizes the events and tells  you the names of families and what they did before and after the slide.  It gave you a story, a picture and the connection and it made everything that much more real.  I wanted to cry at the end of the video.
Broken houses
Actual broken china pulled out of the wreckage.
A really cool memorial to the victims.
Finley and I colouring Frank’s Slide pictures.  They are now hanging in her room.
Looking at the ridiculous piles of rock.  There are still bodies under the rock – although considering it was in 1903 I doubt they is anything left of them.  The crazy thing is that they expect another slide on Turtle Mountain.  It’s basically not if there is another slide, but WHEN there is.  They have all kinds of radioacative measuring stuff at the top of the mountain so they can monitor it.  This place is without a doubt something you need to witness first hand.  I will definitely be going back again when the kids are older.
On the way back to Calgary, we cam across some cool water falls so we stopped to take a  look.  This is basically in the backyard of a house.  How cool is that?
The perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

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