Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Goat Creek

Greg decided that we should do Goat Creek from Canmore to Banff by bike.  Unlike Legacy Trail, it was easier to do this ride from Canmore to Banff then the other way around.  Although when we started I was like hell no, I am not doing this but I did and I loved it.  Well most of it..
The start of Goat Creek is at the Spray Lakes parking lot in Canmore.  We have been snowshoeing out this way previously.  Lots of popular hikes start from here.
Getting ready to go.  It’s really gravely and has a lot of hills.  It was super fun for me.  Them not so much.
Lots of great scenery along the way
Our lunch spot at Goat Creek.  It was so pretty.  The hill coming into this was insane.  I thought it was never gonna end but it finally did.
A rare photo of the three of us.  It was Greg’s idea to take it – that doesn’t happen often but I sure do appreciate it.  I thought my beloved pink lululemon leggings were ruined with mud stains because there were some muddy spots and I managed to almost fall into a few and there were splashes everywhere.  Thankfully all it took was once wash and they came clean.  Greg did promise to buy me a new pair of leggings if they didn’t.  He is more happier then me that they came clean haha.
This is where Goat Creek ends which isn’t too bad.  I finished 90 minutes before Greg and the girls did so I did a lot of walking around waiting for them to finish.  
Since Brad wasn’t with us this time to do a vehicle switch, Greg figured he would leave us in Banff to have ice cream and he would ride back to Canmore.  It turns out, the bike ride was way more work then he thought with the two girls so he decided to take a bus back to Canmore then take a cab to the parking lot where our car was parked.  However, the taxi would only take him to the Canmore Nordic Center so he hitchhiked back to the parking lot.  Two guys stopped right away and they took him to the parking lot as that was where they were going so it all worked out.  Meanwhile, the girls and I had ice cream at the cow store and then bought some activity books at Indigo and crayons at Rexall and hung out at the food court at the Banff Mall.  My phone ran out of battery so I had no idea that Greg was hitchhiking/walking back to the car.  I am grateful that someone picked him up or I would have been waiting for another hour or more at the park bench that we were to meet at around 530pm.
So despite our parking/car hick up, I really enjoyed doing Goat Creek.  If it was just Greg and I doing it or the kids were much older, we would do Goat Creek from Canmore to Banff and then Legacy Trail from Banff back to Canmore.  Both are great bike trails with some amazing scenic views.

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