Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Grade 1

Today Finley started Grade 1 at our community catholic school.  She was so very excited to be staying for lunch and seeing her old friends and making new friends.  Despite this excitement, she wasn’t the first one out of bed and in fact, it took a while to even get her out but eventually she did.
She had picked out her outfit last week and it had been on her mannequin ever since just waiting to be worn.
One last photo before we headed off to school.  Because both girls go to the same school now we get to walk every day and this is very exciting.  I accidentally ripped Finley’s backpack yesterday morning so we had to go buy a new one yesterday.  Thankfully we spotted this pineapple one at Chinook Center because she loved it so much!  I paid the school to get her school supplies for us so we didn’t have to worry about bringing it all to school today!
And then we were off.  It was a busy morning on the sidewalks.  It seems like both parents were walking to school with their child and walking very slowly at that.
It was so chaotic at school it was ridiculous.  They had all the class lists and row line up assignments on the front of the tarmac where the kids lined up and it was crammed full of parents and kids.  You could barely move.  Finley only has 3 kids from her kindergarten class but she said she make some new friends which is great.  She also gets to see some of her old friends at recess and lunch time and that made her very happy.
Finley was quite happy when we picked her up.  She told me all about her day and her friends and what she ate.  She talked all the way home and then all the way to walmart once we got home and into the car as we had to grab something.  But she soon had 3 meltdowns so she does have some adjusting to do with going to school all day now – especially after having the summer off.  
So far, she really is enjoying grade 1 but is just missing her 2 best friends who recently moved to Newfoundland.  We hope they have a great first day at their new school next week!

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