Sunday, 22 June 2014


On Thursday we had TWO graduates!!  One from Age 3 Preschool and one from Junior Kindergarten.  We had a very excited (and sad) household on Thursday as we got ready.
The girls all ready to go 
Finley’s was held first.  I am so sad that we are leaving Mrs K and Mrs J – they are absolutely phenomenal teachers.  Such a great experience for Finley.
Finley with her flowers from mommy and daddy and her diploma
Next was Penelope who didn’t quite get what was going on but she was excited anyways.  Also 2 more great teachers from this great school.  Happy she will be back here in the fall!!
So excited to get flowers!
The girls’ flowers.  I must say I really like how these flowers are looking on my table.  This might have to become a regular occurrence in our house ;)

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