Thursday, 12 September 2013

Grand Canyon North Rim

On Friday morning, we headed west or southwest, i am not too sure to the Grand Canyon.  I did not know this but it’s not just the Grand Canyon.  It is the Grand Canyon-North Rim and the Grand Canyon South Rim.  They are 20K across from each other approximately but because of the grandness of the grand canyon it’s like 4 hours to get from one to the other by car.
We stopped in at the North Rim on our way to the South Rim.  
I love wild buffalo!
Getting ready to do a short hike to see the North Rim in the sweltering heat.
Part of the grand canyon
The scenery at the South Rim is far superior hence the popularity of it but I liked the feel of the North Rim more so then the South Rim.  Greg did too.

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