Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Grand Canyon - South Rim

Right after we left the Grand Canyon – North Rim, we hopped into our car and headed to the South Rim which is the far more popular rim of the Grand Canyon.
Everybody seems to love the Grand Canyon.  People have been known to cry when seeing it and are so excited when they fly over top of it.  I was not one of those people.  I am honestly not sure what I think about the Grand Canyon.  Is it really not all that “grand” or is it just “too grand” that I can’t comprehend it??  Have any of you been?  What are your thoughts?
The Grand Canyon was a mixture of both bus and vehicle
YOu can also travel by train
Starting the walk into the canyon
We were only walking to that tunnel
Finley and I in the canyon
We were at a Geology museum when a severe storm hit.  It was packed full of people escaping it.  Lightening started to hit the canyon and we were advised not to leave because it hits the edge of the canyon which could kill us.  So we stayed.  For 2 hours.  It was kinda cool at first but it got boring fast.  
The only “cold” night in 20 days that we needed fire and jackets.  The temp dropped from 28 to 14 during the storm and never recovered
Taking their oath
My Junior Rangers
Sunsetting on the Grand Canyon

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