Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Grey Cup 2010

The whole reason we were without Daddy all weekend was because he was in Edmonton for the 98th Grey Cup between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the Montreal Alouettes.  Greg and I went last year when it was in Calgary between the same two teams.  It was great fun.
Anyhow, me and the girls headed over to my Aunty Leslie’s to watch the Grey Cup and for supper.  It was a delicious supper and the girls had so much fun.  Finley loved watching Uncle Doug put up the Christmas decorations outside and kept looking at them all night long.
Finley wearing Aunty Leslie’s shoes.  She had fun in the shoes!
Our dessert for the Grey Cup.  I wanted Vanilla and white icing cuz it looked cooler but Finley picked out the chocolate.
Penelope looking bored while watching a very boring Grey Cup
 FInley and Penelope with AUnty Leslie.
As you all know the Roughriders lost.  They really didn’t play well and they lost it without a stupid penalty so it wasn’t nearly as heartbreaking as last years to say the least. 
But y’all need not worry, we’ll be back next year in Vancouver


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