Sunday, 25 March 2012

Grotto Canyon

On a recent Saturday we headed out to the kananaskis area to hike Grotto Canyon.  Several years ago I took a work course and was told that this hike was one of the geological wonders of Alberta.  And he was not far off.
Greg and the girls slowly hiking behind me :)  Greg forgot his jacket but thankfully Penelope kept him warm.
It was a great hike once you got past the mineral factory.  It was very loud and really took away from the serenity of the hike
We got to the canyon – PURE Ice!!!
Greg putting on his ice picks – you definitely need them if you are doing this hike in the winter
Penelope hanging out while we put on the picks
They were so uncomfortable.  I hated them but definitely glad I had them.  If we decide to do more serious hiking like this then I will definitely invest in some better ones from MEC
It was all ice from here on out….
And even more ice – it was crazy slippery in some spots
The frozen waterfall – super cool to see so close
Time for a quick snack before we turned around and headed back
Ice Climbers.  I wanted to ask if he had any interest in hiking Mt Everest.  If he replied yes I was then going to ask if he had read “Into Thin Air” (fantastic book) because that could certainly change anyone’s mind.  It was pretty windy so rock was blowing off of the canyon so we stayed back.
This is what makes it a geographical wonder – there are pictographs along the canyon.  Although this one is clearly fake.  Seriously who defaces national park stuff?????  I don’t get it!!
This one is a real pictograph –  you can only see faint pictures
This one has some red in it.
I absolutely loved this hike and highly recommend it – even with kids.  It only took about 2 hours back and forth and it was just so cool.  I cannot wait to do it in the spring/summer with rubber boots on!!

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