Saturday, 8 January 2011


There was a huge mixup regarding Finley’s gymnastics class that I had registered in.  I had meant to register for the Saturday class but must’ve registered for the Monday class  + I only just figured out my screw up on Tuesday which meant we had missed a class.  I called the club and of course Saturday’s classes were full + the waiting list was monumentally long.  She switched me into the Wednesday class so we didn’t lose a class and I can bring Penelope with us + she can stay in her carseat or I can carry her in the ergo carrier.  We have her registered at the Gymtastics Gym Club.
Finley jumping off of the rings.  She was a little tall for the bars + the rings but she figured out how to pull herself up and then swing that way.  She loves all the climbing, jumping, rolling, sliding – everything about gymnastics!
She loved this slide!  The last 10 minutes of the class is “free time” meaning you can do any of the exercises you had learned earlier and go down this big slide.  We went down the slide a lot. 
After the class, they get 2 stamps on their hands or feet – wherever they prefer.  I was surprised Finley agreed to the stamps because she hates stuff on her hands.  She insisted I take photos of her new artwork!
So gymnastics was a definite success with Finley.  She loved it so much, she cried when we had to leave.  Penelope ended up sleeping the entire class in her car seat so I didn’t even need to use the carrier – which I am kinda happy about.  It might be difficult carrying Penelope + helping Finley!

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