Tuesday, 22 January 2013


After settling into our condo late into the evening, we got up at 3:15am so that we could drive to the top of Haleakala to watch the sunrise.  The sun was scheduled to rise at 6:56am so Greg figured we needed to leave by 3:50.  Turns out he didn’t factor the traffic that wouldn’t exist at 4am so we were a bit early but it’s a good thing we were because it was busy and parking was scarce.
Finley went back to sleep as soon as she got back into the car.  She was so tired and so not happy about getting up so early!!  
Penelope only slept part of the way.  She quite enjoyed the stop at McDonald’s at 4:30am for breakfast. And in case you are wondering, breakfast at McDonald’s is as gross in Hawaii as it is in Canada.  
Waiting for the sun to rise.  Here you can see the moon and Venus.  It was pretty awesome to see so clearly.
Some kind of crazy frost on the ground.  It was in slivers – really cool to see
The amazing thing about coming to see the sunrise here is that you are 10,000 feet above sea level.  I felt like I was in Care-A-Lot.  The clouds were so fluffy and were below us.
Haleakala is located in it’s own national park and is home to Maui’s highest peak.  It is also a volcano and you were able to see the crater really cooly from up high.  And if you are wondering, it is the 5th volcano that Greg, myself and the girls have been to since July.  
Slowly starting to rise.
It was so cold on top of the volcano.  Like insanely cold.  It was like 0 degrees celsius which is just ridiculous in Hawaii.  Even some native Maui’ians have never been up there.  If it wasn’t so windy, it would have been much more enjoyable.
As cold as it was and as early as we got up and as little sleep that we had, it was pretty darn awesome site to see.  I am glad that we did this and highly recommend anybody who is visiting Maui to do the same!!
The observatory
Brad and Greg hiked up the few extra steps to this view point.  The girls and I opted to stay in the warm vehicle.
After a much needed stop at Starbucks and Jamba Juice, we saw some sugar cane fields and a sugar cane refinery. Sugar is the second largest crop grown in value with the largest amount of land.  In addition to sugar, molasses and electricity also come from sugar cane. When the sugar is ready to be harvested, they actually do a control burn to bar canes before harvesting.

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