Monday, 2 November 2009

Halloween 2009

Yesterday marked what technically was Finley’s 2nd halloween. Last year she was discharged from the hospital on halloween at the ripe age of 2 days. She had no halloween costume and I was stuck in the hospital in the ICU so couldn’t celebrate with her. So as far as I am concerned, this was her first. She was the cutest little bumblebee in town!!

Getting her costume on!! She was such a happy Bee….She went crazy laughing when we went bzzzzzzzzzzz
 She didn’t like the costume too much when she realized she couldn’t really move that well in it and was continually getting stuck everywhere!
 Greg & Finley just before we headed out Trick or Treating…
 Me & Finley outside our house
 The first house Finley hit up on her first trip out was Donna Mae’s house who is our neightbor to the left. She was so happy to see Finley that she gave her (ok, us) one of each kind of chocolate bar she had!!
 About an hour into our trek, Finley fell asleep in daddy’s arms so we put her into her stroller and headed home….She had a cold so that’s why her face looks so dirty, it is from the constant snot coming out of her nose…
 But after she got home, had a bottle and got her pajama’s on, she looked like she was ready to go again…daddy almost took her out but it was too cold and it was her bedtime…

Hope you guys had a memorable a halloween as we did!!

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