Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween 2011


Here are some photos of the kids trick or treating!
Waiting to go out.  Finley’s reaction is due to the singing ghost who sings ghost busters.  Sometimes it scares her, sometimes it doesn’t.
Checking out the candy we would be giving out to the trick or treaters.
Getting very impatient…
One quick last photo before we went out
First stop was our neighbor’s house.  Finley was so excited!
Checking out the candy 
Buzz Lightyear lived here.
Although this is the 3 Halloween that Finley has gone house to house trick or treating, this is the first time she actually knew what was going on.
This was Penelope’s second year going door to door and she was not impressed.  She hated being held and was cold because she refused to keep her mitts on.  We headed home soon after this while Greg and Finley kept on going.
Penelope waiting for trick or treaters to come.  She even had candy in her hand to give.
Going through the candy
This was the least amount of kids we have ever gotten.  Kids started around 6 and we never had another kid after 740pm.  I remember going until 9pm on Halloween.  Times have changed for sure.  Also considering all I heard about play doh being the hot commodity this halloween, we only got 1 container of it!
 Finley and Greg came home around 730 and Finley basically dropped her candy at the door, took her costume off and asked for a banana.  She was sound asleep soon after.  
This morning, I gave her a treat which was some fruit snacks and she said trick or treat mommy.  thank you.  Such a sweet heart!!

Hope y’all had a Spooktakular Halloween!

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