Monday, 19 November 2012

Halloween 2012

In better late then never news, here are our Halloween photos. 
Getting ready to head out to get some treats.  Finley was Rapunzel and Penelope was Minnie Mouse.  I know that you guys are all totally shocked by this :)
Penelope wanted no part in this.  She screamed and screamed.
I assumed that this was how I would be taking Finley’s halloween photos – from across the street
But once I explained to Penelope that she would get candy, she got on board
Although she does not look happy yet
Penelope and I only made it to about 10 houses before heading back.  She was so cold and wouldn’t keep her mitts on.  She screamed even louder but having to go home but seemed to calm down once i told her she could have a piece of candy when we got home.  
She had lots of fun handing out the candy to the other trick or treaters while Greg and Finley continued to trick or treat for just over 2 more  hours.  We had a TON of candy stashed in our house.  It was ridiculous!  Thankfully the novelty wore off real soon and Greg was able to eat most of the candy himself ;)
We had a ton of kids come to our house and would safely say that it was the most we had ever had.  
Hope you all had a happy halloween!

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