Thursday, 6 November 2014

Halloween 2014

This year we spent Halloween in Saskatoon, not because we thought it was a good idea to travel for the one day holiday but because Greg’s Grandpa Emil passed away the previous weekend and his funeral was planned for November 1st.  As sad a reason it was for us to be in Saskatoon, it was a great opportunity for Finley and Penelope to go trick or treating with their cousins.  They were all very excited.
Easton was a biker and was too cool to go trick or treating with his younger brother and cousins.  I did try to steal his candy later on with no success.  
This is my cousin Chris who is truly a kid at heart as you can tell in this photo.  His son had the same Monster High glasses as Finley did so he put them on.  Finley thought it was the funniest thing ever!
Here are my two little Halloweeners: Viperine Gorgan and Leopard.  I think you can figure out who was what hahaha
This is Michelle, my cousin Chris’s wife.  She went as a can of coke.  It was a very warm costume not that it was all that cold in Saskatoon.  
Viperine in action. Her and Ashton were gone in a hurry – practically running from house to house.
The cousins at their first house
Penelope wasn’t as fast as the older kids nor was she all that inclined to move even a touch faster so her and I went at her own pace.  You would be surprised at how many people thought she was a tiger. Seriously, people, tigers have stripes.  She was officially a leopard but she also agreed if you called her a jaguar, a kitty and a cheetah.  
There was a house around the corner from my cousins’ house. This was part of it.
This was the rest of the yard with the coffin going up in flames.  It was seriously the greatest Halloween display I had ever seen.
This was after the first haul.  It was ridiculous.  
But they insisted on going back out for more but didn’t last more then 30 minutes.
Post trick or treating fun.  The girls managed to get a lululemon bag full of chips and a matching full bag of chocolate and random candy.  In this neighbourhood, each street name has a Circle, Cres, Lane etc and all they did was walk the entire little area and got all that candy.  People were very generous.
Thank you to Chris, Michelle, Easton + Ashton for having us for supper and for trick or treating.  It was a lot of fun!

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