Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Party 2011

This morning several moms and lots of kids gathered at the Shawnessy Barn for our annual Halloween Party. It was so much fun!  We had Susan from Discovery Toys, a craft station and a cookie decorating station, fantastic food and then we had Miss Natalie do a Little Wonders class with us!!
Here are some photos:
Finley (Minnie Mouse) and Saydee (Angel) running around while we set up
Part of my costume.  I went as a witch.  I don’t think I have worn these boots since I lived in Saskatoon and I was surprised I still had them.  They went perfectly with my costume.  I got the tights for $3.96 at Walmart (I love love them), the dress I got for $2 at dollarama and the cape I bought at value village for $10 (it was brand new) and the hat was given to me by my friend Danielle.  The dress was a little hootchie so I wore a sweater underneath but it worked perfectly!!  I am not used to standing on my feet for nearly 4 hours – let alone wearing heels!!
Finley with her bff Cailey.  They are 1 day apart in age.
I took several photos of the 4 of them together and this is the “best” one.  I use that term rather loosely!  This photo is a true testament to how goofy they all are!
Cailey decorating cookies.  Both Finley and Penelope refused to put icing on their cookie so they ate them plain.  The one time I let them have sugar and they’d rather not.  Makes me happy inside!
Love this one of Saydee
Getting ready for Little Wonders.  Finley enjoyed it.  I felt like I was living in a real life Treehouse episode.  The kids loved it!
Very excited by the bubbles!!
Time to play under the parachute.  Finley LOVED it.  Penelope was way too little to play under it so she clapped and laughed from afar.
Finley got kicked in the face while under the parachute.  She didn’t cry and I am a million percent positive that it was an accident.  It looks really bad there and I just looked and her cheek is a quite swollen but I don’t see a bruise yet.  Hopefully nothing shows up!
Penelope’s tights after we got home.  Isn’t that gross??  They are in the wash right now – hope they come clean since we have to wear them again on Saturday and on Monday!!  Fingers crossed they do.

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