Saturday, 24 March 2012

Happy Birthday Greg!

Back on March 2nd we celebrated Greg’s birthday.  We went for supper at Seoul Korean Barbeque on Macleod Trail at Greg’s request.  We had been there once before for his birthday but that was pre-kids.  I don’t know why we waited so long to go back because it was delicious!!!
After supper we  headed home where we had a cake  baked by moi.  I made a maple cake and frosted it with maple buttercream frosting – both made from scratch!!  After frosting it, I decorated the entire cake with kit kats and reese pieces
Here is a photo of Greg pretending to blow out the candle.  We had nothing to light it with
Penelope enjoying her first ever kit kat bar
Finley also enjoying her first kit kat
Greg giving the cake a try
It was a pretty good cake although WAY to sweet.  I ended up throwing most of it out because it was just too much to eat.  It looked good though :)

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