Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Happy Birthday Greg

*****This was ssupposed to be posted on his actual birthday March 2nd but I accidentally scheduled it to post in April!!!!
The girls wanted to bake a cake for their daddy’s birthday.  Finley wanted a green princess castle and Penelope wanted pink cupcakes. We settled on Martha Stewart’s Maple Cake because that was what Greg requested.  Well, he actually requested a maple chiffon cake but after looking at various recipes I knew that was never gonna happen!!
We went to Sobeys and bought green icing to write on the cake and some green sprinkles but then they wanted “pretty sprinkles”
Happy Birthday Daddy!!!
The top of the cake.  I thought I was buying green gel to write on it but it turns out it was thick green icing so that was the best I could do.  The girls only went a “little” overboard
The sides of the cake
Happy Birthday Greg
Uncle Brad and Finley singing happy birthday

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