Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hello From San Francisco

Hello From San Francisco!

Hope everybody is having a good long weekend! I heard that there is snow in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow in Calgary! So glad I am not there!

We’ve had a great time so far in the bay area! Yesterday was a LONG day and at the end of it, I was wanting to go home so badly but today is a new day and so far, so good!

We spent the first 2 days in Napa & Vacaville, which were hot and awesome! We also hit up Sacramento to see the Capital Building – unfortunately no glimpses of Maria or Arnold. How cool would that have been? I even got to see my first ever orange tree!

Yesterday we arrived in San Francisco which was MUCH colder then Vacaville! We went to the Golden Gate Bridge, had lunch in FIsherman’s Wharf, went to the SF MOMA (which btw, is not as cool as the one in NYC…but it had one good floor), played in a park, rode a cable car (so not as cool as it looks), and took the BART to Oakland for an A’s/Giants game. I kid you not, I seriously could’ve used my toque, mittens and scarf there. It was so cold, I thought I would never be warm again! I also got a concussion via Finley’s head during the 3rd inning. I have a headache that won’t go away and a fat lip. 

With exception of the BART, transit here sucks and is severely archaic. I made a promise to myself last night that I would NEVER diss the C-Train back home again….I am sure that will last about 2 days….hahaha

Anyways, off today to Alcatraz, the Farmers Market, Fisherman’s Wharf for supper and then Aquarium by the Bay. Hoping it’s a fun day without too many tempertantrums from Finley. She seems to be the queen of those at the moment. 

I have made some observations about my trip, which I will post once I get home as well as some cools pics….but until then….Have a safe long weekend everybody!

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