Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Heritage Park

This past weekend Grandma Gail (greg’s mom) was visiting from Saskatoon so we thought that we would do something fun and headed to Heritage Park.  Heritage Park is very similar to the Western Development Museum but outside for all the Saskatoon folks reading this + who have never been to Heritage Park.  It got a little windy at times but the weather stayed good with NO rain!
 I loved the green chairs that were on one of the trains.  It was interesting to see some of the style from the early 1900s so prevalent in today’s times.  The above photo with the rug + sewing kit I took because I remember both items growing up.  I think my grandma or one of my aunt’s had the brown wooden knitting box and I remember my Aunty Sandy having the rug.  In fact, she gave me a smaller blue version of this rug when I moved into our house in Saskatoon because my bedroom was so cold and we had hardwood floors.
 Finley nearly had her fingers bitten by the rooster.  It was trying really hard to get her fingers when she stuffed them into the cage.  Finley enjoyed all of the animals but especially the birds.  She has a thing for birds + dogs it seems these days.  It was interesting also to see that the HBC blanket that everybody wants (or at least I do) was the most expensive item to be traded for  back in the day.  It took 7 beaver hides to get one. 
At the end of the day we took the train around the park because Finley had been obsessing about it most of the time. The girls seemed to enjoy it but it was too long and kinda lame.  But it was fun to do at least once!  Thanks Grandma Gail!  Gasoline Alley was pretty cool and I really enjoyed all the gas pumps, signs and cool cars.  I especially loved the pricing on Safeway’s sale board – if only things were that cheap now!  One of my favorite things I saw was one of the first motorized bikes.  It was made of all different kinds of manufacturers parts.  It kinda looks like the pastal coloured bikes with baskets you now see around town!

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