Monday, 21 October 2013


I had always imagined that Hollywood would be this ultraglamorous place and full of both famous and rich people and be all so extravagant.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.  It was dirty, gross and smelled like urine.  The hollywood sign was super cool and despite the smell, the walk of fame was not bad although it gets old really fast and some people have their star on the sidewalk up to 6 different times.  When we were there Vin Diesel was getting is star.  We saw the crowd but not him.  Not that I would have stayed and waited in the crowd for him anyways.
This was taken from our car on a very narrow residential road.  They do not like tourists.  This was the best photo we got.
A popular well known  hangout for the celebrities
Graumans – this was pretty cool
The building straight ahead was CNN.  Jimmy Kimmel also films near here because if you  ever watch his show you can see the walk of fame and buildings in the background during their outdoor segments.
People gathering for Vin Diesel
Capital Records building
Hollywood sign from the Greek Observatory
The water tower on the Warner Brothers lot.  If you are familiar with the Animaniacs you will recognize this
Warner Brothers – it is HUGE!!!!!  This was near our hotel when we went to universal studios.  Ellen is filmed here

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