Tuesday, 19 August 2014


Yesterday we celebrated 4 years of being blessed with this little firecracker of a child.  As is birthday tradition around here, the day started with photos of the birthday girl as soon as they wake up!
Followed by birthday “hug” from the big sister!
Since we had plans to meet some friends at The Calgary Zoo, we had to get dressed quickly and get to ihop for breakfast.  Penelope had wanted to eat here for ages but I don’t like it so I promised her we’d go for her birthday breakfast.  She quite enjoyed her chocolate pancakes.
Here is Penelope at exactly 925am which is when she was brought into this world.  
Probably my favourite photo of the day.  Penelope hiding from her friends at the zoo.
Penelope and her Peeps…
Penelope requested that we spend the day with the Giraffes on her birthday.  They are most favourite animal although sometimes she says she loves camels bc they are Finley’s favourite and it drives Finley crazy.  I mean what else do little sisters do but try to annoy their big sisters??  Hahahaha
When daddy came home from work, Penelope got to open her presents.  She was very happy with all the gifts from us and Finley.
And then we were off to Boston Pizza so she could have a pineapple pizza and caesar salad.
I asked her if she wanted Crave Cupcakes or Marble Slab for her birthday dessert since we would be having cake at her birthday parties in a few weeks.  She picked Crave.
She actually didn’t even eat very much of her cupcake.  She said the frosting tasted funny but the sprinkles were good. 
And this newly turned 4 year old ended her special day by picking out The Lego Movie to watch with her Olaf.  A perfect ending to a perfect day.

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