Saturday, 5 July 2014

Invermere Retreat

 Some friends of ours built a cottage out in Invermere this last year and we were invited up for the long weekend to visit.  The girls and I ended up going out a few days early with M and her girls with the husbands to follow on Friday.
It was tough to fit in all of our stuff – especially when both M and I are notorious over packers but somehow we managed to get it all in and soon we were on our way!
One of 2 bears we spotted on our drive out!
The weather wasn’t great so we headed to the park and to have some fun.
Finley on the monkey bars.  She is getting so much better with them 
Penelope LOVES her slides.  She would slide all day if she could (and sometimes does at home)
The girls being all kinds of good while waiting for some treats 
We headed to Fairmont Hot Springs so the girls could ride ponies.  This is Midget – Midge for short.  She is somewhat grouchy and is 19 years old.  She spends most of her time alone because the bigger horses are mean to her.  It’s sad that animals are bullies too.
The girls loved this!!
After riding horses we headed back to Invermere where we had lunch at the Pynelogs Cafe which is by the lake at Kinsmen Beach.  It was a beautiful view and very tasty.  We ate on the deck but when you go inside they have the Pynelogs Art Gallery which is brilliant, just brilliant.  Amazing pieces of art at quite reasonable prices.  I must recommend you go there if you are ever in the Invermere area.  In fact, it was so good we ate their twice!!
We headed to Gerry’s Gelati shortly after to grab some ice cream.  It was quite tasty.  The Tiramasu gelato is the best that I have ever had.  We also came here twice.
Riding in S’s Cadillac.  Finley didn’t quite get the hang of it at first but soon she was zipping around like nobody’s business.  It was a very popular toy amongst the kiddos.
On our second full day there we attempted to hit up the beach but it was so windy that it made it seem cold and so we didn’t stay too long.  On our way back to the cottage we stopped at Fuze which is a little mobile trailer that sits on the corner that is AMAZING.  I had the beat berry smoothie and chocolate chickpea cookies and they were delicious.  They also have cool bowls and salads too.  Another must try if you are in the area.  It rained most of the Friday and I must say that I am forever grateful for iPads and the ability to have Disney movies on said iPad to keep kids occupied while stuck inside.
Greg arrived late Friday afternoon and brought the canoe with him but managed to forget the paddles and lifejackets in our garage.  He did bring one for Penelope but only because he had to stop at MEC to buy her one as she didn’t have one.  Thankfully M+J had extras in their garage.  Because of limited life jackets, we took 3 separate canoe trips at White Swan Provincial Park – which is just stunning.  We had to do it that way so that everybody got a ride and had life jackets on. Everybody had a lot of fun and it managed to quit raining when we got there.
As you can tell from Penelope’s reaction, the water was super cold but H LOVED it.  We couldn’t keep her out of it!
Further on down the road in White Swan Provincial Park there is a natural hot springs called Lussier Hot Springs so we stopped there for a quick dip. The girls thought the springs was too hot and the other water too cold.  It was definitely super hot – much hotter then the other hot springs that are inside the National Parks. 
Out of all of the hot springs, Fairmont might just be my favourite – great views, picnic areas, lounging, grassy area, restaurants and snack bars, two pools side by side and the cool pool isn’t shockingly cold.  I left my camera in the locker so not to destroy it hahaha.  
After the hot springs we arrived back at the horse riding and the girls all went for another ride.  Greg is now worried that we may have to buy a horse….or two.  hahaha
These girls never stopped.  NEVER.  But they had SO MUCH FUN so it was all worth it!  I say that now but I probably wasn’t thinking that then hahah
Finally on our last full day in Invermere it got HOT!!  We went back to the beach and played for ours in the sand and water.  Well ok, the girls and Greg did, I layed on my towel and read a good book.
Greg decided to unload the canoe and took the girls for another canoe ride around the lake. 
Bon fire and smores for our last night!
Happy Birthday Canada!!
We headed into town for the Canada Day Parade in Invermere and then headed back to Calgary.  Greg got a speeding ticket outside of Radium.  He was going 118 in a 90 zone.  Not good.  The RCMP officer was super nice and gave Greg the minimum fine so it went from $194 to $138 and if we pay it in 30 days then it is reduced by another $25 and because it was in BC no points on our insurance.  All kinds of deal they give hahah.  I am not gonna lie, it still sucks!!!!
What a great week we had in BC, not for a staycation to recover!

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