Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Jasper The Bear

On our way down to the Canada Day celebrations at Centennial Park, we took a little walk around Jasper. We don’t get to Jasper much because of the long drive from Calgary so it’s nice to look around when we do. Greg, Kristy and I all remember the Jasper bear from visits when we were kids. The last time Greg and I were in Jasper – about 5 years ago – we looked everywhere for it before realizing they had moved it from where it used to sit. We were also disappointed to see that it had been replaced with a much smaller bear. The original was built in 1948 and the one you will see below was built in 2004 with financial help from CIBC. This is why it is now near the CIBC building in Jasper.

Greg, Finley and I with the Jasper bear. Not sure why I have my pockets in my bunny hug. It is not the most flattering look for someone almost 32 weeks pregnant for sure. I also realized that my COACH sunglasses look awful on me. Anybody wanna buy them off of me? HAHAH
The one below is of Finley with her Aunty Kristy. Finley was very much spoiled having her around over the weekend that is for sure!

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