Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Jasper National Park

On August Long Weekend, we packed up and headed to Jasper…about 8 hours later then we were supposed to.  There was somewhat of a crisis at Greg’s office so he was asked by some important people that he attend a meeting in downtown Calgary to deal with it.  Jimmy and Nancy were able to leave early in hopes that they could find a campsite.  Why were we looking for a campsite on a long weekend?? Well by the time Greg went to book a site, everything was reserved.
Unfortunately, J+N were not lucky enough to find a campsite and were stuck at the overflow site which was really nice except for the fact that you couldn’t have a fire which really was no fun at all.
I woke up early Saturday morning to get my run in and decided to run to the Snaring River Campsite to see if any campers were leaving today so we could move over to a real site.
And I found a couple who were just packing up to leave so I ran back to our campsite, grabbed our car and went to park at the newly found site.  I paid for it and then left our traverse there and ran back.  It was a camping miracle!!
Later on that Saturday, we headed to Edith Cavell as we had wanted to see how it looked after the ice avalanche from two years ago.  We were there July long weekend in 2013 so it was interesting to see all the change and damage caused by the avalanche.
You used to be able to get right down to the glacier water but now you can’t.  There also used to be two paths to get to that point but now there are two paths from the parking lot that now merge into the same path.  Mother Nature is an amazing beast.
Visiting the Jasper Bear as is a tradition when visiting Jasper!
At Maligne Canyon 
This was as far as I got as my knee was hurting too much and the way this hike is, there just too much risk and making my knee even worse.  So I turned around and waited and people watched which is a truly fascinating thing to do in a popular tourist spot hahahaha
Greg trying to teach Finley how to play badminton
Our Campfire!!!!
Our 4th bear we saw as we drove home!!
So what started out as a completely awful weekend turned out to be a really good one!!!

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