Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Johnson Lake

So from my post yesterday you knew we had picked up Greg’s dad’s canoe.  What you probably didn’t know is that he made this more then 30 years ago along with 2 of the paddles.  There were others but they have disappeared over the years.  The girls loved being able to use the paddle that once belonged to their daddy and uncles – of course that was when they weren’t fighting over who’s turn it was.  Note to us – buy another paddle before we got out again.
After having our hike and bike in Sundance Canyon, we drove out to Johnson Lake where we were going to go canoeing.  An interesting fact about Johnson Lake: We had hiked around it, snow shoed across it and now we would canoe across it too.  Kinda a neat little fact I thought.
Greg’s dad and brother Brad helped Greg get it on our car in Calgary so that was great.  The tricky part was trying to get it off and then back on in Banff.  It was much heavier then I anticipated.
Greg did manage to get it off the Traverse with little help from me – which is always a good thing!
Getting the canoe in the water and ready for us to get in it!
Not a bad view to be canoeing against.  Such beautiful scenery in our backyard
Me and Greg 
Here is Penelope paddling.  Finley learned a lot yesterday – Penelope not so much.  
And then it was Finley’s turn.  She loved paddling.  She even joked about how last summer when we went canoeing Aunty Kristy and Madi kept getting stuck and that Aunty Kristy lost her paddle and someone had to help her.  It was pretty funny.  Kristy and Madi would definitely have more success here then at Vermillion because it is wide open and would be hard to continually hit the sides but i guess you never know with them  hahaha
This is apparently the best seat in the boat.  Greg said when they were kids, 2 would get to paddle and one would get to relax here.  The problem was that now both kids wanted this spot and nobody wanted to paddle hahahaha
We had so much fun canoeing!  It is such great exercise for your arms and abs and obliques and the scenery is stunning and it’s just a lot of fun.  We are thinking that we are gonna go to Waterton and canoe Lake Cameron since we haven’t been on that lake since I was pregnant with Finley!!!!!

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