Monday, 20 July 2015

Johnston Canyon Campground

We spend our Canada Day week camping at the Johnston Canyon campground.  It’s one of the last campgrounds that we hadn’t stayed at before leaving the last one to be Two Jack Lake which books up super fast.  This one was probably my most favourite of the reservable campsites ever.  It was woodsy, it had good loops for biking and we met some great families to hang out with.  Greg usually avoids reservable sites but for long weekends/holidays you really have to reserve.  With the first come, first serve sites you don’t get a lot of families to camp with so this was exciting for us.
Getting our campsite set up.  Look how great it is.
It was so beautiful – even the weather was the best I have ever had in Banff.  Not a bad view on my morning run.
Penelope and her new bff blowing bubbles.  The family next to us was the perfect fit for us. 
Finley and her new bff.  These two were instant best friends.  It’s too bad they live in Kelowna but the  two of them were planning our next camping trip together next summer haha
Bubble loving… much fun was had at the campsite
Great campfires.  Our neighbour did all the campfires for our duration there which made Greg very happy.  He hates starting fires.  Probably because he’s not always good at it haha
At the Interpretive Program it was all about wolves and they had a game show called The Wolves Are Right.  Greg was a contestant and he ended up winning it all.  Pride only as there were no prizes.
I highly recommend Johnson Canyon campground if you are into camping.  It has all services but power – kitchen sink, bathrooms and showers.  The sites are great and it’s great for kids.  And it has interpretive programs too.  A really great site.

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