Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Kaanapali Beach

After whale watching and lunch, we went back to the condo and got our bathing suits on and headed to Kaanapali Beach.  Apparently they had good snorkling.
Before we hit the beach, we hit Whaler’s Village for some shopping or more precisely, window shopping.  I couldn’t convince Greg to buy my a new Louis Vuitton bag…
I was not a huge fan of Kaanapali beach.  Well, more exact, I wasn’t a huge fan of  the black rock section where we ended up.  There was tons of nice beach that we walked by to get to the place where we ended up staying.  I am still frustrated by this but it is what it is.  As you can see, Finley and Penelope wasted no time starting their sand castle building.
Watching this bird eat a lizard was probably the coolest part of being at this beach.  We watched him pluck it off the ground with his beak, swallow it and go on his way.  It was crazy.
Finley and Penelope were probably on their worst behaviour at this time.  They were exhausted and it showed.  Attitude, throwing sand at each other and random people was occuring.  I was not happy with them!!  Thankfully they were much happier the next day.
Some kid gave us the pink tube so Grandpa Don took the girls out on it and they seemed to quite enjoy it.
After the beach, we headed back to the condo and grilled some chicken outside by the pool on the barbeque.  My only complaint about Maui is how it is dark by 6pm.  It drove me crazy.  Again, it was another early night for us although we waited until 8pm before the girls and I went to bed.  Again, we had another early morning ahead of us!!!

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