Sunday, 15 November 2015

Kitchen Aid Mixer

Last Friday I was making pizza dough for supper that night.  You have to let it mix until the dough is sticky and shiny and so I turned it on and went and sat down on the couch while it mixed.  Soon after I sat down, I could smell something burning.  It was a weird smell and so I started looking around the kitchen and main floor so I could see what it was.  Eventually I made it back to my mixer and that is where the smell was coming from.  Along with some smoke.  This was not a good sign.  Although in hindsight, I should have known it right away it was the mixer because it was making a really loud unusual sound while it was mixing.
Thankfully the pizza dough was basically done and just needed to rise but I still called Greg in a panic.  It’s never a good thing when your mixer breaks and it is about a million times worse when Christmas baking season is about to commence.  Greg seemed to think he would be able to fix it.  I was not as confident.
After supper was done, Greg went and got his tools and began to take the mixer apart.  I was not even slightly optimistic that it could be salvaged especially when I told him that there was a bit of oil in the dough and I had noticed it leaking oil before.  He was not happy when he found that out.  That being said, Greg was enjoying the challenge of fixing it and thanks to the world wide web, there were several forums and videos of the most common problems facing mixers.
The inside of a mixer was slightly surprising and extremely messy.  I never have once thought to myself what it looked like on the inside but I don’t think I would have suspected this.  After some fiddling around, it was determined (mostly by me) that it was not salvageable.  Greg kept working at thinking that he would still get it going until he was working on it while plugged in and nearly electrocuted himself.  He came upstairs and told me to start looking for mixers.  I had longed for the day when my mixer would die and I could go pick out a fun new colour instead of the boring silver that we had gotten nearly 10 years earlier.  When we got ours the first time, there were basically like 3 models in existence but now there were so many different ones.  Most stores didn’t even carry the same models as other stores did.  I was pretty sure I wanted the larger bowl and the lift and more horsepower then my current one so that eliminated most of the fun colours.  Someone had suggested I look at Costco because it had all the fancy features for a really good price.  I gave up my membership years ago because we never went but I thought if I found one I liked, I had enough friends who could order it for me.  Costco online did have a few different options: the basic artisan in fun colours for $399 or the Professional 6000 Lift Stand Mixer for $389 but in only four colours: red, white, black and silver.  If I had to choose between those 4 colours then I wanted white because I love the vintage look that white brings to most things.  But they were sold out online :(.  So I picked my second choice and added it to the cart.  I then logged in with my email that I used when I had my Costco account years ago and updated my credit card info and hit submit.  I had expected it to come back and say declined because my card was expired but it went through and was processing.  This was on Saturday as we drove to Banff for the Winterstart so I knew it wouldn’t be cancelled on the weekend but probably on Monday when they went through the orders but sure enough it shipped and we have not yet been billed for a Costco membership.
It shipped that Monday and arrived on Thursday.  I planned my day so that the only time I would be leaving the house was to be picking up the girls from school so I wouldn’t miss the delivery.  I was cleaning the bonus room and talking to Michelle on the phone when I happened to look out the window and see the UPS truck out front.  I was so excited I told Michelle to hold on and ran downstairs and had the door open before the delivery guy got to the steps. I couldn’t wait to go get Penelope from school and do some baking!!
Here it is in motion whipping up a batch of whipped shortbread.  It has a high performance 1 HP motor with a flower power index of 3.1L which delivers the power to mix enough dough for 7 1lb loaves of bread of 11 dozen cookies in one bowl!!  At first I thought it was whipping properly because it looked like the shortbread dough didn’t whip like my old one did but I realized it was because my bowl was bigger so it looked like less.  On that Thursday, I made 10 dozen shortbread and 4 dozen monster cookies with leftover smarties from the halloween stash.  Getting the bowl to fit properly in the mixer and the lift handle was really weird and I think it will take some getting used to.  It has to sit on my cupboard now though because it is too big to fit in the cupboard where I had been keeping it.
The only bad thing is that last Christmas I got a really good deal on Amazon for the flex edge, which makes mixing so much nicer since you don’t have to stop the mixer and use a spatula to scrape down the sides because this did it for you, and it won’t work in my new mixer.  My bowl is a  6 quart and my old one was a 5 quart and you can’t find as good a deal on the larger one on Amazon as far as I can see.  I will have to watch for it though in case it goes on sale one day.  Using the spatula kinda sucks but I can’t complain too much because I have a brand new mixer sitting on my counter.  Can’t wait to work on more christmas baking this week!!

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