Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kristen's Bachelorette Party

After the bridal shower, we all met up at “The Upstairs” which is just off of 8th + Broadway in Saskatoon.  It was so ridiculously good that I really can’t wait to go back next time I am in Saskatoon
Sorry for the blurry photo but it was the best I could do since there was steam steaming up from the pot. It was a 4 course meal and you can choose the feature that you want.  You can do it by person or by pair and it is cheaper to do it in pairs so thats what we all did.  Courtney and I shared the feature of the night and it entailed the following: 
Course 1: 2 kinds of salad or 2 kinds of soup.  We both opted for the Greek Salad although she went with Feta and I went with Tofu.
Course 2: There were 4 different kinds of cheese fondue to choose from.  Courtney chose Cheddar and Bacon Fondue.  I don’t each cheese but apparently that was the one that all tables ordered.
Course 3: Something like 6 or 7 different meats: we got garlic sausage, lemon pork tenderloin, chicken, beef tenderloin, bacon wrapped scallops + shrimp.  They had other meats available depending on what feature you ordered.
Coarse 4: Chocolate.  There were about 7 different ones I think you could choose.  Our table had Smores and the other tables had Turtles, Peanut Butter Cup and Ying + Yang which was a mixture of dark + white chocolate.  Ours was definitely my favourite.
The Bride To Be modelling her lovely new hat
Kristen’s mom pretending to get a facial while waiting for the food.  She is pretty funny.  
Our chocolate smote before being stirred up.  It makes my mouth water just looking at it.
Kristen’s soon to be mother in law Purple Peggy
All the lovely ladies who attended the wonderful meal at The Upstairs.  I doubt this blog post gives this place the justice it deserves but it really is a fantastic place.  I was so full that I had trouble finishing what we got.  It is a bit pricey but I think that everybody needs to try this place at least once in their life.  I really can’t wait to go back with Greg next time we have a chance to!

After supper, we headed over to Kendra’s place to continue to the Bachelor Party.  We kicked it off with the Underwear game.  All the guests brought underwear for Kristen and she had to guess who it came from.  She had to shot of homemade margarita each time she got it wrong and if she got it right the person who brought it had to do the shot.  She got 3 right.  It was a lot of fun and she got a bunch of cute new underwear too
After the underwear game, we were split into 3 teams and we headed out on a scavenger hunt.  Some photos are not pg13 so they will not be shown on the blog or Facebook – I just can’t do it but I did manage to find some good ones to show.  It was great fun and everybody who participated in it had a BLAST.  Kendra really did a good job organizing this.  The photos that I have below are just from my group I don’t have the others.
After we returned home, we went through all of the photos and some of the photos were insanely funny. I am so glad Kristen wanted a scavenger hunt because it rocked!
For the rest of the night we drank alcohol (ok, not me but I did taste some and some of it burned my throat), ate popcorn and told stories.  
I know that us bridesmaids had a great time organizing all the events and we hope that all those in attendance and especially Kristen had as great a time as we did!!  
All of us are looking forward to the wedding in September!!!

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