Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Kristin's Bridal Shower

On Saturday afternoon we gathered at Kristen’s mom’s place for Kristen’s bridal shower.  It was a great success and I had so much fun meeting everybody!
Before the party started, we all hung around and watched the kids + dogs play.  Finley loved the dogs and was very sad when Shania + Sydney had to go inside after Shania ate a lemon square.  She missed them!
We sent Kristen away while we set up everything for the shower.  The flowers were beautiful and after the shower was over, we drew names and gave them away to the guests.  The food was delicious and the cake was so very yummy!!  We had a tank top made for Kristen and she had to wear a lei and Bobby’s mom’s veil.
At around 1pm, we started the shower off by making Kristen change into her tank and put on the veil + lei then we ate the food since most of us hadn’t had lunch.  The croissant sandwiches were so good and all the dips were delicious or so I heard since I don’t eat cheese or creamy stuff!
Kristen showing off her shirt and delicious cake.  
The first game we played was the Toilet Paper game.  All the other showers I have been to were wedding dress creations but we did veil’s for this one and it was a tonne of fun!
This was Group One
This was Group Two
This was Group Three
This was Group 4
Group 5
All the brides in the top photo and the winner in the bottom which was Grandma Dot
The second game was one that Dayna organized which was asking Bobby (Kristen’s fiance) questions and seeing how many she got right.  We played this at my shower too and I am pretty sure Bobby did the same as Greg and answered kinda randomly to trick us.  At least that is my take on it.  For every question she got wrong she had to add a piece of Hubba Bubba to her mouth.  Her mouth was pretty full by the end.
Last but not least was present time!  Kristen certainly hit the jackpot to say the least.  The only photos i took of her opening presents were the ones that we got her.  Finley + Pipi got her some silicone bakeware while I got her a lingerie set from Victoria’s Secret that matched her wedding colour’s perfectly.  She got a few items that I put one my must have list.  Finley also enjoyed helping Kristen open the presents.
After the presents were opened, games were played and food had been eaten, there was lots of visiting being done – especially with the kids.  Finley loved playing with Lily and soccer with Jack + Spencer.  Both kids also enjoyed the attention from all of the adults there!
All in all it was a fantastic success and I would like to thank all of the other bridesmaids  for all of their help in making it the success that it was.  Can’t wait until her wedding!

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