Monday, 5 August 2013

Lake O'Hara Part 2

Sorry for the delay of Lake O’Hara part 2.  I got busy, distracted and lazy :) 
After supper one evening we headed out to do some fishing.  Finley has wanted to go fishing ever since she saw a princess fishing rod at walmart one day.  She and Greg headed off there before our trip to purchase the princess rod and one for him.  
However, the princess rod broke while they were fishing up at Lake Oesa so they had to share Greg’s.
All the girls caught was some seaweed but they had lots of fun.  I, however, was bored so I finished rereading Food Inc.  It was a pleasant evening none the less!
Saturday morning, we headed to Morning Glory.  Finley forgot her baby carrier for Rapunzel Kitty so she improvised with her toy bag.
It started out as an easy but boring hike much like we thought it would be.  We were pretty tired after Lake Oesa the day before.
It got a little adventurous in some parts of the hike. 
It was chilly and windy and I was getting an earache so I had to wear by jacket like this.
One of the Morning Glory pools of water
A rickety bridge we got to cross over some rocks and water
Finley as a scarecrow.  This is her current favorite pose to take photos in.
Snack time!
The second Morning Glory pool.  There is a third pool but there is no trail getting to it.
A rough rocky trail for a long time it seemed.
We had lunch at the picnic tables at the Alpine Club of Canada.  It was cold and windy.  The hike was a bit of a disappointment and turned out be as much work and as long as nicer hikes in the area.  I would not recommend anybody doing this hike.
Finley and the heart shaped rock that she found at the campsite.
We had planned to stay overnight on Saturday, get up and eat breakfast and then head home.  But we decided to go home Saturday night instead.  Here is Greg waiting for the 430 bus to take us to our car.
Penelope a happy camper reading Food Inc while waiting for the bus.  This soon would change.  To find out why, you will have to read my blog on Wednesday!!
So this concludes our weekend in Lake O’Hara.  It has now become one of my most favorite places to hike.  Even though we now know that you can bring more then you normally would on a backpacking trip since they drop you off right at the site, the only thing we would do differently is bring more food.  We ran out of snack foods early Saturday afternoon (another reason for heading home early) and our food choices were not nearly exciting as everybody elses.  Oh and I would probably bring a few more clothing options and my keens on top of the 2 pair shoes I already had 

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