Monday, 28 January 2013

Last Full Day in Maui

By our last full day in Maui, we had run out of things to do and had done everything on the Maui “Must See” list.  We decided to drive out to Wailea and Makena and Kihei.  Wailea was wear It Goes on or something like that with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  It is a very fancy area that is for sure.  Kihei is the cheapest place to stay and it looks really nice.
Lava Flows along the road
We headed back towards Lahaina and decided to stop at Pupu’s Seafood Grill in Kihei.  It was really good and had a pretty nice view.  We ate on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Greg and Brad thought it was pretty funny that Finley took a poo in pupu.  Sorry for the TMI :)
We headed back to the condo and quickly changed into our swim wear and headed to Kapalua beach – our favorite!!
What a beautiful site to lay on the beach and watch
Sunset in Lahaina.  Not sure why this photo is here….blogger is acting werid
More sand castle building
Finding somewhere to eat on our final night in Lahaina
It couldn’t be a trip without Penelope’s famous glare!!!

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