Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Learning To Ride

In the last few weeks Finley had gotten a new bike and a new scooter – both second hand but she loves them none the less.  The bike cost me a whole $8 and that came with training wheels!!  The seat was a bit damaged but other than it was perfect.  I went and bought new streamers and a bell for it which coincidentally cost more than the bike did.  We also got new to them helmets.  Finley had Uncle Neil’s old helmet but Penelope needed one now.  I found an ad on kijiji who was selling 2 pink helmets – one in Finley’s size and one in Penelope’s size for $5 so how could I turn them down???  
Trying her hand at the scooter while Daddy puts the training wheels on her bike
Greg making sure the wheels on the bike are balanced
Finley rolls down the driveway and then carries her scooter back up.  She doesn’t quite have the hang of it so she cheats….
Penelope trying out her tricycle with no success.  She just doesn’t quite get it but man does she love it!
On her bike for the first time.  
She doesn’t quite know how to steer it or use the breaks.  She wasn’t very happy with it so shortly returned to her scooter. 

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