Monday, 15 June 2015

Liv Bike

So Greg decided I needed a new mountain bike.  My beloved and beautiful Electra Cruiser was for city only…for a variety of reasons but mostly because I don’t want to get it scratched on the bike rack during transport.  I have had another bike for years but it was the walmart special of mountain bikes and greg did not trust it to do trails and such in the mountains.
It is impossible to reiterate how much I love this bike.  LOVE.
This is my walmart bike.  I liked it.  It was pretty enough and it was in great shape since I rarely road it once I got my cruiser a couple of years ago.  It is now in the hands of a lovely lady who lives in New Brighton.  
And here is my new bike.  I thought my cruiser would be my most expensive bike ever but this exceeds it by a lot.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love pink and pretty things.  So when Greg said it was time for me to get a new bike, I said it had to be pretty.  And just like the challenge of finding me a pretty pink backpacking pack, it wasn’t easy and I didn’t have a lot of options.  Actually there was one that was black and pink but it was very pricy and Greg told me to not even look at it. So I didn’t.  Ok, I did but just quickly.  
We bought it at Ridley’s in Okotoks because it was the only one who had my size in stock.  When we got there, they didn’t have one built but I tried out 2 similar bikes and one of them was a really good fit and so we bought it.  They had it built for us in just over an hour and checked out by the mechanic to ensure it was done properly and it was.  And it is a good thing we went when we did to get it, because while they were building it, a bike store in Kensington called to have shipped into Calgary!!
Here is a better photo of my bike.  It is a Liv by Giant bike.  Liv is a line of Giant bikes created specifically for women by women.  I love how pretty it is even if there isn’t much pink on it.  We took it for a ride the other day and it has gears on the left and right that my other bike did not and my cruiser has no gears because i liked the look better without so that is a huge adjustment.  I think I have the right gears figured out which I believe are the front.  They are easy to move up and down but I still don’t know why they need to levers (or whatever they are called) on it.  The left one is still kinda tricky for me.  Greg says I look funny shifting gear.  He has to tell me what gear to go into while biking.  It’s kinda funny haha.  Finley is better then me at that. 

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