Friday, 27 June 2014

Lululemon Festival Bag

Fashion Friday: lululemon festival bag

I love this bag.  Love it.  Love it so much that I now have 2.  I bought the yellow last year.  It is a great travel/hiking/camping/casual bag.  It has been to Hawaii, Mexico, Disneyland, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Banff, Glacier, Calgary Zoo, Fish Creek, – pretty much anywhere that I can’t bring my very pretty hand bags too.
While I loved the yellow it was so bright but when I bought it last year my options were that or red and if I wanted to spend a TON of money I could buy an orange one on ebay.  I picked yellow because i thought it clashed the least with pink which is what I almost always wear.  My only complaint is that it gets dirty fast and i hate the discolouration that shows on the back of the bag from rubbing against your clothes.  
This summer they came out with more practical colours.  I saw the really crisp light grey one at the store in Chinook and i almost bought it.  It had a pretty pink strap and was so pretty.  But I bought something else instead.  (see next friday’s post haha).  While we were hiking and biking in banff I was thinking that maybe I did want the grey one after all as it would be perfect for Invermere which is where I am going (I am already there as  you are reading this).  So after all of our extracurricular activities I stopped into the one in Banff before supper and found it in black.  I was so excited!!
And as you can see, I bought it!  Now I am trying to decide if I should keep them both or sell the yellow….clearly first world problems!
Here are some of the reasons why I love this bag:
**Lots of pockets and compartments.
**Zippers to keep the main compartment closed!!  
**adjustable straps.  I can wear it cross body (which i always do) or around my waist.  I did that once and Greg made fun of me.
**water resistant so if i am hiking and it rains my iPhone is ok….this is VERY important!!
**It is very accessible – every compartment.  So fabulous.  I have a place for my phone, my earbuds, my lip gloss – you know, the essentials 
**the size.  It’s not too big, not too small.  Just perfect.
I was so happy to find the black version of this bag in Banff.  The banff lululemon is probably the best anywhere.  The staff are great and they have SO MUCH MORE selection then any of the stores in Calgary.  Last year I wanted the Studio Crops in concorde grape and I procrastinated too long and they were sold out everywhere here and online  but I found them here.  This is also where I made my very first Lululemon purchase and I have been addicted ever since!
PS. In case you are wondering, my favourite lululemon store in calgary for clothes is 4th street.  Staff wise – hands down Southcentre wins.  They are awesome there!! They also have the most clearance stuff too. 

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