Friday, 11 July 2014

Lululemon Race To Pace Hat

If we are friends on Facebook that you are probably most likely aware of my hair disasters that have plagued me since January.  I got my hair cut the night before we left for Mexico and she butchered it. I got it fixed once I got back and I liked it for the most part.  But then it grew out and got really bulky in the back so I went to the salon near my house to get it thinned out and prettied up again.  This disaster was worse then the original hair disaster in January.  (this is april by the way).
I do have a regular hair dresser but she keeps cutting back her hours and availability and it’s impossible to get into her unless you book in advance which is fine for colours but when I want my hair cut, i want it done now.  Which is why I have the problems that I do.  Anyways, after my latest hair disaster, a friend referred me to her hair dresser and went and checked her out.  She fixed my hair and made it ok for me to be in public again woo hoo!!  Since then I have gotten it trimmed and thinned out every couple of weeks.  The problem I am running into is that I keep trimming it to look nice and getting no where in growing it out.
So I decided since it was summer, I was going to implement “No Cut Summer” in that I won’t cut my hair until September to see how much I can grow it out.  I am aiming to get it to all one length and put in a pony tail – no matter how small that tail might be.
And because my hair is thick, I can only imagine how unsightly it is gonna be in just a few weeks, let alone in September.   A friend suggested I could always wear a  hat which I never thought of.  Now I do have a super cool hat:
But I cannot rock it like I did last summer at Venice Beach.  I look like a dork.  I know this because I tried it on after seeing Jessica Seinfeld rock hers on Instagram.  It works better with long hair or a pixie cut not the mess that is my hair.
So I went on the lululemon site and found this wonderful pretty hat:
I ordered and waited rather impatiently for it to arrive on my front step.   I loved the pattern online and loved it even more when I got it.  This hat will be perfect for running, bootcamp, hiking, general outdoorsy stuff and covering my hair while looking completely great.  
The fabric is designed to stay dry and keep you cool even when you are sweating and super hot.  And I am happy to say that this is true!!!  I love my hat and if you are in the market for a fun hat for sporty uses, this is the one for you.  
And the great thing about lululemon is that when you order online it ships for free via fed ex and lands at your door within 2 days unless you order on or near a weekend or holiday.  I LOVE that they do that for you!!!!!

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