Saturday, 22 August 2015

Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon

A week ago today we were running the Lululemon SeaWheeze.  The forecast was calling for rain and that was what we woke up to.  The night before I posted the photo below of what I was wearing.  I woke up and opened our hotel window and decided that I needed to wear more otherwise I would freeze.  Not during the race but leading up to the race.  I didn’t want to check my bag so I grabbed a long sleeved swiftly and pulled it on.  I would regret that decision around 2km in because I was hot from running and I somehow managed to move my running watch, take my headphones out, take off my running shirt, and put my watch and headphones back on and tie shirt around my waist without stopping or losing a beat.  I was quite proud of myself haha.
I chose not to wear any SeaWheeze gear because I knew everybody else would be so I went with some stuff I had boughten earlier in the summer. Except for the socks.  I did buy those at the store the morning before.  
Walking to the convention center.  It was gloomy but all the bright colors made it look tolerable.  It was fairly early in the morning so it was barely tolerable.
Everybody waiting it out inside.  We were inline for the bathrooms and it worked out nicely.  We waited in here then we walked to the starting line and the heats were starting so it wasn’t a whole lot of time doing nothing until the race starts.  This was good since I was starting in a earlier heat then Jenn and Alex.
Selfie before we took off. 
Anxiously waiting for my wave to start!!!
Post race selfie.  Well more like post race and post breakfast.  It was so cold that I so thankful that lululemon gave out the tinfoil blankets.  I wore mine all the way back to the hotel.  
I found this photo of our medal on Instagram and I forgot to note who posted it so if this is your photo or you know who it belongs to let me know so I can give them credit. It was the perfect photo so you can see all the detail of the medal.  Lots of people were confused by the carrot but the members of the SeaWheeze group I belong to came up with this:
We are the rabbits chasing the carrot
When we cross the finish line we take a bite out of the carrot marking our success
And what was once 24 “carrot” gold is now 21.1 carrot gold.  
I think it’s quite unique and I really like it.  Finley and Penelope loved it.
Once we got back to the hotel we used all of these to make us feel  better.  Except for Alex who didn’t stretch at all.  Which was what I did last year.  I have now become an obsessed stretcher and roller.
Jenn went to visit a friend from high school and so Alex and I walked all over our area in Vancouver to keep our muscles loose.  We stopped for drinks and lunch and they were delicious.  SO much so that we came back the next day for more drinks haha.  
We were soon tired from running and walking so we headed back to the hotel for a quick cat nap before we headed to the Sunset Festival which you will read all about tomorrow :)
This half marathon was by far the best that I have done.  Not just in time but in training, recovery – everything.  I have ran 5 half marathons in less then 12 months and here are the times:
August 2014 – SeaWheeze – 2:47
October 2014 – MEC Race Series – 2:40
March 2015 – Rock N Roll in San Fran – 3:02 (this time sucked but I was injured running a hilly coarse. I probably never should have ran it hahahaha)
May 2015 – Calgary Marathon – 2:49
August 2015 – SeaWheeze – 2:29
2:29 PEOPLE!!  Greg believed I could do it in 2:30 or less but really my goal was better then 2:40.  I trained consistently for this race, I tapered, I rolled and rolled and then rolled some more.  I stretched all the time.  I started using electrolytes post race and that helped with my recovery.  I started doing my Tuesday short runs really fast to get me to run faster over all.  I bathed in epsom salts and lavender oil the week before the race.  I did everything properly and it paid off.  And I didn’t feel to sore after the race or even the next day.  I have finally conditioned my body to run fast.  I just hope that this carries over to my next half in October :)

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