Friday, 21 August 2015

Lululemon SeaWheeze Showcase Store

A week ago today, our alarm went off at 4:15 and half asleep, we got dressed and walked down tot he convention centre.  Well Alex + I did.  Jenn stayed for a few more hours of sleep.  It was only about a 20 minute walk and it was fairly busy and the closer you got to the convention center, the more lulu clad girls you ran into. 
Here is a photo I snapped sometime between the time we got there and the time we got to go into the convention center.  There were some pretty nice views for us to look at while we waited.
Here is a look inside the convention center.  We got inside around 630 or so i think.  I actually I have no idea, I can’t remember anymore.  We got downtown around 5am and there were 600 people ahead of us.  Every year, the line up gets earlier and earlier and more ridiculous.  We got into the store around 740 so other then the green tank top, I had full selection of everything in my size.
The store was full of these!!  (Photo cred: Instagram/alice.ofwonderland)
I wasn’t planning on buying another scuba but somehow I did.  They had 2 for sale. This one and a grey one with like diseases on it.  At first I grabbed that one but soon put it back because I am never gonna wear it.  I grabbed this one for myself and for my friend Michelle back home.  The zipper pull, inside seam and logo are in pink which I love on black and the zipper is really cool almost bug like which goes with “in the lab” theme.
I loved this tank and all of 3 us ended up with one.  I am not sure if they made too much in this style or if it just wasn’t that popular as they had a TON of tanks left over much later in the day.  I only wear CRB’s and this was the only one I bought after trying on all the other colors.  Except the blue ones. I hate blue.  
I was trying to decide between 3 pairs of crops.  I really love the inspires but I am not a huge fan of pattern on my legs and those were striped across and then had bugs in the inspire arch and waist band.  These passion crops fit nicely and have just the right amount of pattern on them.  I do wish the blue zippers were another color or just not there but they will do.
The inside of my crops had bugs and that was my only bug purchase.  The bugs were a big hit at the showcase store but I don’t really like them.
I bought 2 pairs of speeds and both are because of Alex hahahaha.  The black and white pair I found originally in a 4 which fit nicely in the waist but they ride up too much when I run so I prefer to wear a 6.  I then found several in a 8 which are just too big.  Someone dropped a 6 on the table and some girl grabbed them before I could.  I was devastated.  But thankfully Alex saw a lulu ed with a  size 6 and she basically chased her down so she could get them for me.  I owe her HUGELY for them.  The pink ones were purchased after we left the store, went home, had breakfast at Carl’sJr (best biscuits ever!!!) came back to the convention center, walked around, got our race package and we were waiting around for Jen to finish her shopping in the store and get her race package when Alex suggested we go back in to see what was left.  I bought the shorts and the socks I wore the next day and she bought NOTHING.  It’s a good thing I like her hahahahahaha
I love running in the lululemon no show running padded socks.  I run on my toes and these save them.  They are expensive but similar to any other high end running store or brand.  I bought the 2 pink pairs.  
All in all, this year’s showcase store was a success although I wish they would have made more pink duffels and less grey ones.  But at least they made more bags then last year.  Shopping with Alex was much more fun then it was with Greg.  She was like buy buy buy and he was like do you really need 2 pairs of shorts.  The answer is yes.  It’s always yes. HAHA.  The only disappointing part of the Showcase Store was seeing all the things on eBay and the Facebook group Lululemon 911 within minutes of the stores opening.  People must have grabbed all the “must have” items and plopped down, taken photos and then waited for the bids to go higher then the sale price and then pay for the items.  It is disgusting.  Lululemon does have a limit that you can’t buy more then 15 items or 3 of the same item in the same color and size.  But unfortunately that doesn’t stop people from being greedy and making those still standing in line have a lesser chance of getting any items.  It’s just not fair.
Also, seriously the garbage and stolen hotel blankets and pillows left along the building after they went in was gross, disgusting and lacking in respect.  It goes against the very thing that Lululemon claims to be.  I get you are standing in line but chances are, you are there with friends.  DO GARBAGE RUNS!!!  People aren’t gonna steal your spot.  I know this because we all did it later on. There was no garbage along the line until you got to wear the all nighters were.  So disappointing.
But with that being said, I can’t wait for next year.  Will we arrive again at 5am or even earlier??  Every year, people arrive earlier and earlier so I think we might just have to….

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