Friday, 4 July 2014

Lululemon Wunder Under's

I was at Chinook to get my iPhone fixed as I smashed the screen on it.  They needed to keep my phone to fix it so I went shopping to kill the time. I had actually went into Lululemon looking to see THIS.  One of my best friends bought it and I loved it.  Unfortunately, the online reviews for this top are HORRENDOUS.  I think there is 1 positive for every 25 negative which isn’t something you see often.  I barely even glanced at that sweater when I saw these:
Wunder Unders in camo and grey camp in particular.
I had been lusting over this for years.  No exaggeration.  I hesitated too long when the camo line came out last time and missed out and I have been in misery ever since.  
Actually I saw the camo racer back first.  I always thought that is what I would buy if the camo line ever came back but it was only available in the green camo and that was too camo for me.  I was kinda disappointed until I saw these beautiful crops.
I am not a huge fan of lululemon leggings to be honest.  I haven’t had much success in recent years, choosing instead to buy mine from Winners.  I have 3 pairs of skinny crops that I bought years ago but they quit making them like that.  I have found that to get them to fit in my muscular legs I had to go big and then they were too big in the waist.  This always surprised me since lululemon is geared towards fitness gear that was for active ladies and most active ladies don’t have popsicle sticks for legs.  Anyways, it had been a long time since I bought leggings.  Until tonight.  And the camo is very subtle which is great because too much pattern on leggings is sometimes to much.  These are  perfect for hiking, biking, bootcamp and running.
I grabbed 2 sizes – my regular size and one size up, totally preparing to be disappointed.  I tried on my regular size and they fit.  Perfectly, I might add.  I was SO HAPPY.  I bought them instantly along with a new headband.  I have been wearing headbands since I am growing out my hair. 
I then hit up Victoria’s Secret and AERIE as they were having semi annual sales and got 14 pairs of under ware for super cheap.  And my phone got fixed.  All in all a great Thursday night shopping by myself :)

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