Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Makena Landing + Time To Go Home

Last day in Lahaina!!!!
Hanging with Grandpa Don before heading to the beach
Excited to be flying home that night???
We drove out to Makena Landing to do some swimming and the guys could go snorkeling.  The houses up top there are owned by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steven Tyler amongst others.  Britney Spears rents a house up there.  
Greg and Brad building a castle while FInley and Penelope built their’s
We finished at the beach around 1pm and headed towards the condo and stopped for lunch again at Kihei but this time, we ate at Cafe O’Lei and it was a great last meal in Maui!!
Greg and I went to Front Street to buy some Macadamia Nuts and snacks for the airplane while the girls stayed with Grandpa Don for a little visit.
Maui cat came to say goodbye
Somebody isn’t happy about returning to the cold weather!!
Our flight left at 930 Hawaii time and arrived in Calgary at 630am local time.  Penelope slept almost none of the flight home.  It was awful, so awful.  Finally we got home around 830am and we crashed.  Finley and Penelope pulled out every toy in the toy room while Greg and I took turns napping.  Both girls crashed around 3pm and we woke them up at 6 for supper and as soon as their were done, they went to bed and slept until 9 the next morning.  Greg actually had to wake up them up as he feared that they wouldn’t sleep that night.  
We had a great trip despite the flight home and we are already planning our next hot vacation sometime in the next year or so.  Thanks Grandpa Don for being a great host and a great trip.  Great memories were definitely made.

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