Thursday, 24 January 2013

Maui Ocean Center

On Sunday morning, we finally got to sleep in but we were all up around 7 eager to start the day.  Our first event of the day was to head to the Maui Ocean Center.  Finley and Penelope love aquariums.  We went to one in Oregon and they had so much fun!
Finley touching the star fish.  She loves star fish just like her mommy
touching the sea urchin
Penelope attempting to touch the starfish
taking a break
You had a good view of the Molakini Crater from the Ocean Center.
watching sharks with Grandpa Don
Mine and Finley’s favorite sea animal
Penelope’s favorite and my second favorite sea animal
The girls with Grandpa Don and their favorite sea animals that he bought for them.  They were so happy!!
After the ocean center, we went to Carl’s Jr for lunch.  It’s not very hawaiian i know, but it is american and we don’t have it in canada and who doesn’t love Carl’s Jr???

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