Wednesday, 12 November 2014

MEC Run Series: Half Marathon #2

A few weeks back, I ran in the MEC Race 7 Half Marathon.  I was really worried going into it that I would finish last which I know shouldn’t matter, but it does.  The MEC races unlike most have a very high percentage of serious runners.  So as the race approached, my anxiety of finishing last kicked in. I used to get it before my first 5K’s but it hasn’t happened in a long time, not even in Vancouver. 
I finished the race in 2:40:30 which means I took 7 minutes off of my half marathon time from Vancouver which is really good.  I had a really strong first half and a not so strong second half.  And in good news, I did not finish last.  It was close but I ended up finishing 172nd out of 187 people in the half.  I knew there were at least 5 people behind me during the last 6K of the race and made sure that it stayed that way.  Whenever I saw them getting closer, I just picked up my pace that much more.
Whatever motivates you right?

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