Sunday, 7 November 2010

Millarville Christmas Market

Christmas In Millarville

On Saturday morning we decided to head out to the Christmas Market at Millarville.  I had heard wonderful things regarding it but never had the opportunity to check it out for myself. The weather was absolutely beautiful – crisp, clear, sunny and full of festive cheer!  I wasn’t able to take many photos as the sun was so bright and I was carrying a suddenly very heavy 2 month old!  But here are the ones I got:
I think it is a bit sad when my 2 year old is far more stylin then the rest of her family.
Christmas music filled the air as a few young boys played Christmas carols on their fiddles!  It was so great to finally here the wonderful music of Christmas! There was also a guy playing christmas music with a pan flute.  I love pan flute christmas music!  Very disappointed that he had all of his albums for sale but Christmas!!
There was a massive outdoor section of vendors selling various free range meat, gluten free + regular baking, mini donuts, hot chocolate + Christmas decor.  We purchased some amazing little booties for Penelope.  There were also several indoor pavillions with a tonne of taste testing – all kinds of ethnic foods that Greg very much enjoyed.  We purchased some pepperoni sticks that I thought were quite spicy but Finley ate 3 out of the 5!  Silly kid LOVES spicy food – just like her daddy!
We had a great time but left before the hay rides, pony rides + a visit with Santa which we hope to do next year but it was getting busy and that is not always a good situation with Finley.  There was so much to do, see + eat that I really recommend that if you ever get the chance to go, you really should! 
Although I suggest not taking a stroller or wagon if you have you have young children because not all the pavillions were stroller friendly + it was just too crowded to navigate when you could – especially indoors!  We used our carried for Penelope + I am so glad we did.  And nothing irritated me more then parents carrying children + pushing empty strollers when it was so darn crowded in there!!!

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