Thursday, 4 April 2013

Purple Dots

If there ever was an indication of how much Finley has gone from our itty bitty baby girl to our sweet little girl, it would be her bedroom.
This is what Finley’s room looked like when we moved in.  Actually almost our entire house was this hideous boring beige (no offense to beige lovers out there, it’s just not for us)
This was Finley’s room right before she was born.  You can even see her crib on the left
January 2012 she asked us to paint over the brown bottom with bright pink.  You will now notice that she now sleeps in her bed and has no curtains.  When she was 18m old she pulled off the curtain rod and Greg refuses to put curtains back up until he is sure she won’t rip them off.  She also ripped off all of the chair railing too but I did convince Greg to fix that when we painted last year.
March 2013, Finley asks for the brown dots to be painted.  This crushed Greg.  I think the realization that she was now a girly girl and not a baby/toddler was tough for him.  Finley went to Home Depot and picked out Palace Purple from CIL.  We did it in a semi gloss since they were just some dots on the wall.
The transformation has begun
Since Finley couldn’t sleep in her room, we thought the girls could sleep together.  They were so excited that they went to bed at 6pm.  It was short lived as they were up at 6:06.  They did go to bed at their regular time but fought too much so Finley ended up in our room and Greg on the couch.
Pre Finley, Greg did all the dots himself and it took about 2.5 half weeks.  Since I was home and somewhat capable, I decided to work on it during the day.  It took us about 2 days to get it done.  I was impressed with my work.
It’s not a lot of work but it is time consuming!!!
From crib to plain pink bedding to a bedroom fit for a princess.  Finley might have a slight obsession :)
The lighting in Finley’s room is awful.  Natural light only enters her room for a few hours in the middle of the day.  I cleaned her room while she was having a bath after supper and I knew if I waited until the next afternoon to take photos, it would not look the same.  Finley loves her new room!  

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